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What our customers are saying about us.

AAK Limited  

We enlisted the services of Bell Davies when we were faced with an unexpectedly complex and detailed audit for Outward Processing Relief. BD immediately gave us confidence that they had experts in that field who would guide us through the detailed and delicate process of dealing with HMRC, and that as ex-customs people themselves, they would be able to communicate in a way that was professional, compliant and understandable. The level of expertise and thoroughness with which they handled matters was exemplary, and  the outcome handled by BD was even better than predicted.  I thoroughly endorse BD as the people to go to when faced with matters concerning Customs.

Maurice Kindler - Director

Bathroom Sourcing Co Ltd of Hong Kong  

“We have been using the services of BD International for several years now. They act as VAT fiscal representative and customs broker for all our inbound shipments to the UK. Importations are cleared quickly using their own e-customs duty management system and we have reduced our import costs significantly by importing and selling on DDP incoterms to our customers. We are very pleased with the efficient service they provide for us.”

Cathy Ren

IT Director of B&H Worldwide  

“ We are absolutely delighted with how this whole process has been managed and implemented and if anything somewhat surprised at all the efficiencies that have resulted. B & H now enjoys a fully integrated data processing operation that meets our needs and those of our clients in a much better manner. We have already reaped the rewards in our logistic chain from operations to client information and look forward to a continuation of the established working relationship with e-customs and BoxTop.”

Martyn Hann

Tuscor Lloyds (UK) Limited, Manchester  

"I like your system a lot, as do all the operational staff. The free trial really showed us how well it could work for us, saving a lot of time and hassle in comparison to the Government Gateway option that we have been using. It is worth a little extra cost to ensure reliability, ease of access and intangible benefits; like staff spending less time on customs related issues."

Julian Chambers - General Manager

Chivas Brothers  

"We have used the services of e-Customs for some years; this most recent development has been implemented with the same precision and attention to detail as we have come to expect from this organisation.  By providing a user-friendly and manageable system, e-Customs alleviated many of the concerns we had about such a huge development in the excise industry. The switch from paper to electronic declarations was a major undertaking for all involved and e-Customs were a valuable source of information and support during the development stages.  The smooth implementation of EMCS has only strengthened our confidence in e-Customs"

Siobhán MacLennan, HMRC Specialist

London City Bond  

"My background prior to LCB was in IT developing the Bondmaster product so I know only too well how important it is to have a good team to support customers.  I don't recommend companies easily but can honestly say I have nothing but praise for the e-customs team."

Brian Davis - Director

Harrison & Clough  

"We have now been running your software live for the last month and I would like to say a big thank you to you all for the time and effort that has been given to Harrison & Clough in getting to where we are today.  We could see from a cost benefit analysis that we needed customs warehousing but we didn’t really know too much regarding how best to gain the necessary approvals from HMRC or in fact about the ways in which the goods within a customs warehouse would need to be treated and controlled. However we did know about e-customs Ltd and it was very quickly clear that you were the right people to advise and guide us further.  Even then we had a number of meetings before proceeding because this is of course a major commitment and we wanted to be sure of all the facts, especially with regard to any additional work we would be asked to undertake and of course the full costs involved!  As matters have turned out we simply could not be more pleased with the results. From the initial application forms, to the different HMRC and software meetings, e-customs have steered us through each step of the way and ensured that when we finally went live, it was a bit of a non-event.  Now, running your duty management system boils down to some simple daily checks with very little or no manual intervention, and that’s with over 56,000 product lines. Our deferment account looks an awful lot healthier and the e-customs implementation costs were more than reasonable. I really do wish the company had done it a few years ago.  An overall success. "

Andrew Brook - Group Financial Controller

Express Gifts Ltd  

“As a large mail order company we had serious concerns about how were going to manage our stock in warehouse because of the sheer volume of transactions being processed. Maintaining bonded stock within our own in-house system simply wasn’t an option. However, after receiving a detailed analysis of “WebWare”, the e-customs® bonded customs management system, I was satisfied that the functionality of their solution was what we were after. Having now ‘gone live’ using their product they have demonstrated that they truly do have the necessary knowledge, support and expertise to implement such a system. Their after sales care has been first class & very valuable. It has been worth the investment.”

John Mason - Buying Director

Fruit Direct Ltd  

"It is all too easy to fall foul of complex customs duty rules and regulations. This is especially so in the area of customs valuation. My business is a major importer of fruit and a number of valuation options are available at importation. Unfortunately my import declarations were not accurate and this caused a demand from Customs of underpaid duty/VAT which could have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Luckily I became aware of Bell Davies who I now realise are the experts in this field of expertise. They fought the case on my behalf with the result that the duty demand was withdrawn. I have no hesitation in recommending their services." 

Mark Grinsted

Technolite Ltd  

"Bell Davies have been wonderful to work with - they really understand the tariffs! Dealing with them was so easy. They are real professionals in their field."

David Hauser

Ben Sherman  

"We have been very impressed with the highly professional approach shown by Bell Davies in helping us to resolve all our customs issues. Their willingness to invest time and effort in getting to know and understand our business is refreshing and I would not hesitate to recommend their services."

Johnny Choda - Group Operations Director