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Please follow this link: https://www.descartes.com/news-events/general-news/descartes-acquires-e-customs

Descartes Systems Group, a global leader in logistics technology, announced that it has acquired e-customs. By working together with Descartes, we see an opportunity to build on our success by becoming part of a larger organization with a similar focus, a broader set of solutions and greater resources.

Learn more at https://www.descartes.com/e-customs


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Customer Testimonial

Tuscor Lloyds (UK) Limited, Manchester

"I like your system a lot, as do all the operational staff. The free trial really showed us how well it could work for us, saving a lot of time and hassle in comparison to the Government Gateway option that we have been using. It is worth a little extra cost to ensure reliability, ease of access and intangible benefits; like staff spending less time on customs related issues."

Julian Chambers - General Manager

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