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Bell Davies Partnership

Advice to save money with regard to importing and exporting goods.

The Bell Davies Partnership (BDP) began in 1994; since then it has saved businesses literally millions of pounds in duty costs which would otherwise have been lost. Any trader could usefully identify how much duty it is paying in connection with the import of goods and if the figure impacts significantly on the profit margin then it should confirm if it is necessary expenditure.

The BDP have recognised experts in all the key areas affecting the duty bill. They have taken , and won, cases at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and advise some of the biggest household names on duty spend and compliance.

The BDP is a niche business but customs duty is a highly specialised area in which professional attention is usually worthwhile. The care we deliver means that clients can expect to pay the minimum amount of duty legally due. Inherent in that statement is a client commitment to keep BDP fully updated with all trading circumstances.

What We Do

The BDP understands precisely what a business trading across international borders seeks to achieve. Sellers want to get their goods to market on time at agreed prices and buyers wish to receive the goods at a minimum of cost ; all sensible businesses wish to comply with the law.

In any event there is a customs duty question to be considered and we undertake to find the best solution to that question on behalf of our clients.

One of our areas of expertise is customs valuation and we thought it might be of help and interest to include on the web site a recently published article by one of our Partners. It covers two areas where we believe duty is often overpaid

Customs Valuation Case Studies


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Technolite Ltd

"Bell Davies have been wonderful to work with - they really understand the tariffs! Dealing with them was so easy. They are real professionals in their field."

David Hauser

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