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The International Trade Expo & Fresh Business Thinking Live

Bell Davies and e-customs will be at The International Trade Expo & Fresh Business Thinking Live at the ACC, Liverpool on June 10th- 11th.

Our consultants and Partners will hold a customs duty and planning surgery at which traders can request help and advice regarding the duty bill they are paying ; this can be a hugely important part of the costs incurred  directly by a business affecting the profit available. A recent report shows that the EU collects in excess of 21 billion euros every year representing 13% of the total EU income and the plain fact is that duty is often being overpaid. If that can be evidenced then the duty overpaid over the past 3 years can be recovered.

In a private and confidential session our experts will offer free advice on how your duty bill can best be addressed ; equally you may have other questions regarding trading procedures.  Simply complete the contact form indicating the day on which you would like to see us together with a basic outline of the issue(s) to be discussed. We will reply with a confirmed time on the day in question.

Apart from the need to minimise your duty bill , exporters and importers must of course declare the movement of the goods to HMRC.   This can also be an area worthy of further exploration because there are better and cheaper ways to proceed than those currently followed by the majority of traders. Visit our e-customs stand ( # 111 ) to learn more about how our Webdecs system can help your business.